Why India needs to be rational before protesting against or supporting for CAA & NPR.

Citizenship Amendment Act or CAA, till now has caused lot of problems & protests and also has gained lot of support too. People are opposing it and equally supporting it. If look at the intentions of CAA, NRC and NPR, We can find it to be dealing with safety and security from infiltration of bordering countries. The people who get into our countries as migrants and secretly sow a seed of terrorism and other ill activities. The objective looks quite fine if we see its intentions, the reason behind bringing this up. Because if we see the past of India, the dark time whenever any terrorism act has been executed, many of them are planned and done by the ones who were inside this nation. Who were they ?? Were they citizens of our Nation? No! they were terrorists, who migrated to our country and executed this horrible act which shook our heart, took many innocent lives. Till here, everything looks green.

Then why so many people opposing it ? What are the problems that CAA is facing?
To understand this, We need to check the statement of CAA bill.

According to the bill: Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists and Parsi communities have come from Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh till December 31, 2014 and facing religious persecution there will not to be treated as illegal immigrants but given Indian citizenship. It also relaxes the provisions for “Citizenship of Naturalisation.”

Here the positive part is CAA grants citizenship of the persecuted minorities of other countries but the negative part is the exception. If notice the names of religions mentioned then we can clearly notice that all main religions are mentioned here EXCEPT Muslims. This one discrimination has been proven as seeds of all protests and hatred in the country. When the main officials behind this bill like PM Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit shah were asked about this discrimination then there answers were that In world, there are nearly 52 Islamic countries and they can move to any of these countries and main ill treatment in countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan & Bangladesh , Muslims weren’t the one who faced a lot but other religions surely were.This was just one reasons behind protests. Another and the core reason is National Population Register.

If you are a citizen of India, you have to prove it to get your name & details registered in National Population register. Here a question which revolves in everyone mind is What can be those documents which can efficiently differentiate between illegal immigrants and citizens of India.? The government has not disclosed any details regarding the documents and process of implementation of NPR and NRC. The people who wants to spread atmosphere of terror and protests are using this unanswered question as an weapon to surrender innocent unwary people by telling them that the government of India wants to break secularity of India and want to see India as Hindu nation or a nation free of Muslims.

A major part of unwary Muslim community are protesting in this belief that CAA, NRC and NPR are Anti-Muslim agendas. They believe their motive is to snatch Indian citizenship from their hands and they will be either put into detention cells or sent to another country. For getting into such baseless rumours, everyone of them should question themselves : What can be that documents that Hindus, christains, sikhs, Buddhas, and Parsi have but Muslims don’t? Is there any such special document that These all people can submit but they cannot?

Here everyone, No matter be supporting CAA or protesting against it, needs to be rational. No one should act like credulous. Look all matter, having your own thought processing before hearing anyone outside.

This was just one side of the coin. This side describes CAA and NPR as steps for better and “Filtered India” when we talk it from perspective of freeing it from Illegal immigrants. But CAA & NPR have a dark side too.

Here is the Dark side of it
For a while, lets assume that all protests are seized and all people in India are supporting CAA and NPR. Everything is going smooth. Somehow most of the people arranged required documents and are ready with it for further registration process.
Now if criteria to get registered into NPR is easy, then anyone can easily get into it. And If Criteria, the documents required to get registered for NRC is difficult, then there is huge probability that many innocents who are real citizens of India, will not get registered in population register. What’s their fault in this? If some may not be proper documents, or may have lost in accidents like house burnt, and any fire in the house, collapse of their building during earthquake or flood, it can be any true reason for lack of their documents. In those cases, How will Government do justice. I agree There is nothing wrong is having Population register of nation, but what is the 5 or 6% of population which will be more than 6 crores of entire population. What will government do with these people? Send them to other country via Airways/Seaways or Will put them into Detention cells?
6 Crores is not a small number even if we consider worst case possible.

Think Before you act. No matter you support or protest against it.

One may agree that Everything is being done with good intention and for right purpose.
but it is not necessary that Everything that will be done, will be right.

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